Chapter 994: The Clan in Chaos!

Chapter 994: The Clan in Chaos!

The Fang Clan was in complete chaos!!

The observing cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea gaped in shock at the scene. There had been absolutely no indications that anything like this was going to happen. All of a sudden... the entire Fang Clan was thrown into disarray!

At the same time, a glowing shield suddenly appeared outside of Planet East Victory, completely covering the whole planet, sealing it off!

The entire area was now isolated, allowing no one to either enter or leave without express authorization!

Sealed inside was not only everyone from Planet East Victory, but also the Chosen from the various sects and clans. They were stuck in the starry sky, looking on in shock as the turmoil played out down on the planet below.

Miserable screams rang out from the Fang Clan, along with roars of rage and exclamations of shock.

“You... Fang Zheyi, you...”

“Fang Haitao, what are you doing? You're my Clan Uncle!!”

“This is rebellion!! Are you really betraying the clan!?!?”

Shocking booms echoed out as roughly forty percent of the Elders in the Fang Clan’s ancestral mansion went from watching the fight between Meng Hao and Fang Wei, to suddenly attacking their fellow clan Elders. They immediately unleashed their most vicious divine abilities.

Some Elders were punched from behind; they tumbled forward, blood spurting out all over, after which they spun around with roars of rage.

Others were attacked by multiple opponents, and before they could even react, were shredded into bits. Heads flew, and their eyes filled with looks of disbelief as they were killed in body and soul.

There were some who managed to evade the deadly attacks. Their cultivation bases surged with power as they turned, trembling with rage and disbelief to face the traitors.


In the blink of an eye, serious injuries were inflicted on more than half of the sixty percent of the Elders who were still loyal to the clan. There were many who, because they didn’t have a chance to defend themselves, were immediately slaughtered!

Blood flowed throughout the ancestral mansion.

That was the situation with the Elders. However, the chaos was not limited to them. Almost all of the members of Fang Wei's bloodline spun, vicious expressions on their faces as they attacked their fellow clan members. Divine abilities exploded out as formerly neutral clan bloodlines also turned traitor. They instantly spun, employing vicious attacks on other clan members. Miserable shrieks could be heard as the entire clan was shaken, and countless individuals died.

Blood oozed out of the corners of Fang Xiangshan's mouth. She fell back in retreat as one of her Clan Sisters pursued her with killing intent.

Then there was Fang Yunyi. He was not among the traitors, so he looked around blankly as his entire world changed.

Fang Xi coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was injured by one of the other direct bloodline clan members. Fang Xi’s expression was one of rage and indignation.

“Fang Shui you....”

The young man who had injured him looked on silently for a moment before attacking again, and the two began to fight bitterly.

Scenes of chaos and fighting immediately broke out in numerous locations throughout the Fang Clan.

The ground quaked, and buildings toppled. As the chaos spread, the ground ran red with blood. In the blink of an eye, countless individuals died.

Up in the sky, 19th Uncle and Fang Xiushan were fighting. Originally, 19th Uncle had only been attempting to block Fang Xiushan’s way, but now his eyes were bloodshot, and he roared with rage as he unleashed numerous deadly attacks.

Fang Xiushan threw his head back and laughed harshly, his expression one of insanity.

Everything was happening too quickly. It was in almost the exact same moment that Fang Xiushan's way was blocked by 19th Uncle that Fang Wei's grandfather had crushed the jade slip, and that forty percent group of Elders attacked. Up in midair, Meng Hao closed in on Fang Wei, reached out, and was about to touch his forehead.

However, it was in that same moment that, all of a sudden, an unprecedented sense of danger exploded within his heart. That sense of danger wasn’t coming from Fang Xiushan, nor from Fang Wei’s grandfather, nor from the upheavals taking place in the clan. Instead, it was coming from... Fang Wei himself!

In that instant, a look of struggle suddenly appeared in Fang Wei’s eyes, and suddenly, four pupils appeared, two in each eye. Then, those pupils merged together.

No one could see it happening except for Meng Hao. As soon as he sensed what was going on, he shot backward. In almost the same moment, rumbling sounds could be heard as the area where had just been standing collapsed. The incredible power of ten extinguished Soul Lamps of the Ancient Realm suddenly erupted out.

If Meng Hao had hesitated for even one breath of time, he would definitely be dead already.

At the same time, a hand suddenly emerged from the shattered sky, which then tapped down on Fang Wei’s forehead.

“Awaken, my doppelgänger!” said an ancient voice. At the same time, Fang Wei's body trembled, and he let out a piercing shriek.

Up in midair, Meng Hao’s scalp went numb, and his expression was one of surprise. It was at this point that he turned his head and saw all of the chaos that was raging in the Fang Clan.

He saw countless people dying. He saw clan members attacking each other. The sight caused his mind to spin... he was completely unprepared for something like this to happen, and his heart was suddenly trembling violently.

Everywhere he looked, corpses were piling up. Up in the sky, Fang Clan Elders were fighting deadly battles. Down below, all of the members of the clan were going mad. The smell of blood filled the air, so concentrated that there was no way of dispersing it in the slightest.

Meng Hao almost couldn’t believe the sudden and violent scene he was witnessing.

Planet East Victory was completely shaken, including the Medicine Immortal Sect. Even Patriarch Reliance was stunned.

If the powers on Planet East Victory were surprised, there was no need to even mention the reaction of the various sects and clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. When they saw what was unfolding, their minds reeled, and their eyes went wide with shock.

“This... this is impossible!”

“This is the Fang Clan! One of the Four Great Clans! How could they be suddenly struck with upheaval like this!?”

“The Fang Clan... the Fang Clan is descending into civil war!!”

“There was a clan conspiracy! It looks like almost half of the entire clan is rebelling!!”

“Something like this is going to rock the entire Ninth Mountain and Sea!!!” People were gasping in shock throughout all of the various sects and clans. They couldn't believe what they were seeing, that there were rivers of blood flowing through the Fang Clan!

“Fang Heshan, what are you doing!?!?” the Grand Elder roared at Fang Wei’s grandfather. “You know that the Patriarchs are in the ancestral mansion in secluded meditation. An uproar like this will definitely wake them up! If even one of them comes out, he will condemn you to eternal damnation!” The Grand Elder’s hair was in disarray, he was trembling, and his eyes were bloodshot as if overcome with madness. His heart was filled with pain. This was the ancestral mansion of the Fang Clan, a place where the Fang Clan had built up resources for countless years. And yet, all of a sudden, it was thrown into revolt.

Throughout the long history of the Fang Clan, there had never been a large-scale rebellion like this. The entire matter set the Grand Elder’s blood boiling with rage as he shot toward Fang Heshan.

Fang Wei’s grandfather Fang Heshan hovered in midair, his face grim as he looked around at the chaos. He saw everything happening in the clan, and saw the countless clan members dying. He could smell the odor of freshly spilt blood.

“What am I doing?” he asked. “This wasn’t my decision. It was as that certain person said, the Fang Clan truly needs to change. And as for those Patriarchs you just mentioned...?” Fang Heshan suddenly began to laugh in a very strange fashion, and didn't say anything further. Instead, he advanced forward and began to fight with the Grand Elder.

When the Grand Elder saw the expression on Fang Heshan's face, his heart began to pound.

Massive booms filled the air, causing everything to tremble. Buildings in numerous locations around the Fang Clan ancestral mansion collapsed. Craters appeared in the ground as fierce slaughtering was carried out on a grand scale.

At the same time that the massive upheavals struck the Fang Clan, deep in the recesses of the ancestral mansion, in the stony cavern, the Seventh Patriarch shot to his feet, his expression one of both fury and disbelief. His entire body was trembling, and he was just about to stamp his foot and fly out of the cavern to put a stop to everything.

It wasn't just him. In that same moment, other Patriarchs also rose to their feet. However, in that same moment...

All of a sudden, the Sixth Patriarch extended his hand and pushed forward, causing a powerful ripple to explode out. It instantly turned into a shield that prevented anyone from leaving.

“Ladies and gentleman, I really don't want to attack you,” he said slowly. “Please wait here a moment until matters are settled up above. Then I’ll let you leave peacefully.”

“Old Sixth!” cried the Seventh Patriarch, spinning in place, his eyes blazing with killing intent. In this critical moment of chaos, they needed to act without hesitation, to resolve the matter instantly. Even the slightest slowness in their actions would lead to even more serious losses on the part of the clan.

Even as he spoke, he rushed toward the Sixth Patriarch.

“Do you really think that you can block all of us by yourself? Are you really going to rely only on Fang Heshan out there to lead the rebellion to success?” The Seventh Patriarch’s rage boiled into the Heavens, and killing intent exploded out of him. However, even as he began to move forward, a snide smile appeared on the Sixth Patriarch’s face.

“Fang Heshan of the Junior generation is just one pawn in the entire plan. As for here, do you really think I'm acting alone, Old Seventh?”

Even as the words left the Sixth Patriarch’s mouth, the Seventh Patriarch's face twisted in shock as the Fourth Patriarch suddenly turned, eyes glittering with killing intent, and then attacked the Fifth Patriarch.

“Fourth Brother, what are you doing?!” Shocking booms could be heard. Everything happened too quickly. The Fifth Patriarch had a profound cultivation base, so despite being attacked unexpectedly, he was still able to rise to his feet.

At the same time, the Second Patriarch began to laugh coldly. Even as he stepped forward, the Third Patriarch's face turned pale.

The Second Patriarch was actually the second only to the Fang Clan’s Earth Patriarch in terms of power. He stepped forward, his aura murderous, causing the other Patriarchs’ hearts to tremble.

Of the six people present, three had turned traitor!

Shocking booms could be heard as decisive attacks were unleashed in the stony cavern. Everything trembled, and blood sprayed out of Seventh Patriarch’s mouth. His expression was one of pain as he cried, “Why?!”

These six had sat in secluded meditation together for many years, and although they weren’t blood brothers, in terms of their relationship with each other, it was almost as if they were. They even called each other Brother.

The person to answer the Seventh Patriarch was the most powerful among the people present, the Second Patriarch.

“Old Seventh, I really don't want to lie to you. All of this is for the sake of... the legacy of Lord Li!”

A drastic upheaval was shaking the Fang Clan. Booms filled the air, and all of Planet East Victory was shaking. The Dao Realm experts of the various sects and clans looked on with expressions of shock.

Meanwhile, the Earth Patriarch was in the starry sky outside of Planet East Victory. When he saw what was happening, a very strange look appeared in his eyes, although no one would be able to detect it. He saw the clan members dying down on the planet below, and knew that regardless of who won or lost, the clan would suffer huge losses in terms of their overall power. Even still, his eye continued to flicker almost as if he were sneering at the betraying clan members!

His body flickered as he prepared to charge back down to Planet East Victory. Considering the level of his cultivation base, anyone could tell that once he got there, it didn’t matter how many rebels there were, they would be completely powerless beneath him!

However, in the moment that he seemed about to make his move, a cold smile appeared on the face of a certain person. This person had come to fight Meng Hao, but after watching his succession of victories against the other Chosen, had held back. Now, that person suddenly flickered into place directly in front of the Fang Clan Earth Patriarch.

She was the only person among all of the other Chosen... who hadn’t fought Meng Hao!

She was none other than the person who everyone knew to be Ji Yin!!

However, she actually wasn’t Ji Yin!

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