Chapter 994: The Clan in Chaos! (Teaser)

Chapter 994: The Clan in Chaos!

The Fang Clan was in complete chaos!!

The observing cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea gaped in shock at the scene. There had been absolutely no indications that anything like this was going to happen. All of a sudden... the entire Fang Clan was thrown into disarray!

At the same time, a glowing shield suddenly appeared outside of Planet East Victory, completely covering the whole planet, sealing it off!

The entire area was now isolated, allowing no one to either enter or leave without express authorization!

Sealed inside was not only everyone from Planet East Victory, but also the Chosen from the various sects and clans. They were stuck in the starry sky, looking on in shock as the turmoil played out down on the planet below.

Miserable screams rang out from the Fang Clan, along with roars of rage and exclamations of shock.

“You... Fang Zheyi, you...”

“Fang Haitao, what are you doing? You're my Clan Uncle!!”

“This is rebellion!! Are you really betraying the clan!?!?”

Shocking booms echoed out as roughly forty percent of the Elders in the Fang Clan’s ancestral mansion went from watching the fight between Meng Hao and Fang Wei, to suddenly attacking their fellow clan Elders. They immediately unleashed their most vicious divine abilities.

Some Elders were punched from...

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