Chapter 993: Upheaval in the Fang Clan!

Chapter 993: Upheaval in the Fang Clan!

Fang Wei's voice echoed out across the lands of Planet East Victory. He had 241 Immortal meridians, and 241 Immortal dragons swirled through the air around him, emitting roars which caused winds to surge, and the land to quake.

“Fang Hao!!” Fang Wei looked up, his expression fierce and filled with madness. His body continued to grow, making him taller and more muscular.

Shockingly, 24 Immortal souls towered up behind him, transforming into 24 Heavens, emitting a pressure that caused anyone who felt it to pant.

Gradually, they began to resist Meng Hao’s 33 Heavens!

This was something that had never occurred before, and was something no other Chosen could possibly accomplish. Only Fang Wei could succeed in contending against Meng Hao’s 33 Heavens!

33 Heavens was the limit for Immortals, and marked one as Paragon of the Realm. However, as of this moment, an intensely powerful energy rose up from Fang Wei.

Meng Hao's eyes widened as the aura of the Nirvana Fruits Fang Wei possessed grew even stronger. In fact, when he closed his eyes, he could clearly sense the two Nirvana Fruits in operation in Fang Wei’s forehead.

At the same time, far beneath the Fang Clan’s ancestral mansion, the Seventh Patriarch, along with the other six Patriarchs, saw Fang Wei exploding with 241 meridians....

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