Chapter 991: Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!

Chapter 991: Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!

Meng Hao had been waiting for this battle for a very long time. However, to him, it was not some destined battle of fate, but rather, merely something that would happen in the course of getting his possessions back.

In contrast, it WAS a destined battle of fate for Fang Wei.

To him, a defeat in this fight would be unacceptable. To lose would mean to lose everything, and he could not allow something like that to happen. He could not allow someone to trample upon his position as Chosen within the clan.

What most people saw was only the glory that he had achieved. They did not see how hard he had worked, earnestly and obsessively, after Meng Hao had left the clan. When Meng Hao left, it was as if a giant mountain had been removed, giving him the qualifications to rise to prominence. He had assumed that from then on, his entire life would be like that. He had devoted himself to rising to prominence, sparing no cost to reach his goal, which was... to lead his clan to greater glory.

He would propagate the name of the Fang Clan, and eventually, years later, would become a clan Patriarch.

However, all of that... changed as soon as Meng Hao re...

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