Chapter 988: Wanna Get Married, Wifey?!

Chapter 988: Wanna Get Married, Wifey?!

Fang Xiufeng wore a strange expression as he stood there on Planet South Heaven, looking at Meng Hao’s A Writ of Karma. He also noticed Meng Hao’s expression, and couldn’t help but sigh emotionally.

Off to the side, Meng Li was chuckling. When she saw the look on Fang Xiufeng’s face, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

"This kid was a charmer from the moment he was born," she said, laughing.

“Charmer?” said Fang Xiufeng, gaping. He hesitated for a moment. “He’s your son. Right before he left, he did say that he wanted all of the Chosen in the Ninth Mountain and Sea to owe him money….”

“When Hao’er was born, I always knew that he would set different aspirations than everyone else. As for me, I was hoping that his grand ambition would be to get all of the pretty girls in the Ninth Mountain and Sea to become his beloved concubines.” Meng Li smiled, and from her expression it could be seen how much she loved spoiling Meng Hao.

Fang Xiufeng stood there silently, shaking his head and smiling wryly. Only he knew that deep within his heart, there was something he felt somewhat indignant about, and that was the “Foster Father” Meng Hao had mentioned when Ke Jiusi gave him the Immortal meridian.

As Meng Hao’s real father, the feelings that had...

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