Chapter 987: Meng Hao's Ambition!

Chapter 987: Meng Hao's Ambition!

However, in the moment that Meng Hao stepped forward, the energy of his six opponents surged higher. They transformed into six beams of light that shot directly toward him. As for Wang Mu, his eyes suddenly gleamed with a bizarre light, and he seemed to go crazy, causing ripples to spread out through the starry sky.

He suddenly raised his right hand, and a murky, flickering light appeared that began to suck in all of his soul and life force. It transformed into an attack... a profound Daoist magic of the Wang Clan that was incredibly difficult to master!

“Immobilize!” Wang Mu roared. His fingertip seemed to tear open the starry sky, causing all the ripples to stop in place. A terrifying power appeared which instantly wrapped around Meng Hao, forming invisible bonds that instantly immobilized him.

Although he couldn’t move, it was different than his bodily Hexing. It was as if time had been stopped in place, as if Meng Hao’s body was now suspended in eternity!

The scene which was playing out left everyone completely amazed.

However, before anyone could even react, the six attackers, including Wang Mu, transformed into something like six sharp swords. Their eyes flickered with battle lust, and their energy erupted as they attacked Meng Hao with virtually all of the life force they could muster.

Wang Mu’s aura might have been greatly weakened, but even still he attacked explosively. He lifted his right hand and an illusory finger materialized.

“Wang Patriarch Finger Attack!” Rumbling echoed out as the gigantic, illusory finger seemed to replace...

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