Chapter 986: Six Experts vs. Meng Hao!


The Ninth Mountain and Sea was completely silent.

All of the cultivators who had just watched the fight between Meng Hao and Taiyang Zi were completely astonished. Even members of the Ancient Realm were a bit frightened by Meng Hao.

At the moment, none of them were truly clear regarding... exactly how powerful he was!

That was because, as far as anyone could remember, there had never been a person like Meng Hao in the Ninth Mountain and Sea. He had corroborated the Dao on his own, and had opened 123 meridians, then formed 33 Immortal souls.

“He... didn't even use his Immortal meridians, or his Immortal souls....”

“He fought Taiyang Zi using only the power of his fleshly body!!”

“I think I get it. He has a true Immortal fleshly body, and because he has Immortal meridians and is bolstered by Immortal qi, his fleshly body is already at the peak of the Immortal Realm!!” After a moment of silence, voices began to ring out. Everyone was completely mystified by Meng Hao's unfathomable secrets.

Taiyang Zi’s face was pale as he looked bitterly at Meng Hao. He took a few steps back, and was just about to simply leave, when suddenly, the starry sky filled with the glow of multiple teleportation portals.


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