Chapter 984: 33 Heavens!


In the Immortal Realm... the number of Immortal meridians someone possessed would determine how weak or powerful they were in battle.

That was something everyone knew. However, virtually nobody knew what sort of destiny or transformations would appear when someone corroborated the Dao on their own.

That was because in the Nine Mountains and Seas, only Kṣitigarbha had ever succeeded. However, now that Meng Hao had opened 123 meridians, the Dao Realm Patriarchs, as well as the true Immortal Chosen and Ancient Realm experts, were all completely shaken, and were beginning to realize that something else might happen.

Immortals who corroborate their Dao on their own can actually transform their Immortal meridians!

This was not an ordinary transformation, but something which allowed the meridians to be merged in the form of a divine ability. In a brief moment... 120 times the level of normal power could be unleashed, a terrifying and shocking development that would strike awe into the hearts of any and all cultivators.

“Immortals who corroborate their Dao on their own do not need any sort of secret magic to be able to increase the power of their Immortal meridians when fighting. That is because such Immortals’ bodies are a secret magic unto themselves!”

“Such a thing is fearful and shocking! No wonder Kṣitigarbha came to be the Lord of the Fourth Mountain and Sea!”

“This kid... has unimaginable potential!”

The Ninth Mountain and Sea was in a commotion, as all eyes remained glued to Meng Hao.

What Meng Hao had done would surely turn into a legend, a myth!

123 meridians did not just place him in the number one position in the Immortal Realm in the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Such a number was the most that had been opened by anyone in ALL the Nine Mountains and Seas!

A true Saint fleshly body, and a true Immortal cultivation base!

As of this moment, he was a Paragon! An Immortal Realm Paragon!

He was surrounded by 123 astonishing, roaring Immortal dragons. The last of those dragons was composed entirely of flame, and emanated a powerful Essence aura!

“It’s over.” Meng Hao murmured. He could sense the boundless Immortal power within him, making his cultivation base completely different than before. By way of comparison, it could be said that before Meng Hao had been a tree, and now, he was a forest!

The sense of power that flowed through his body causes his eyes to shine with bright light as he looked up. He could sense his blood boiling, and could clearly detect the Immortal qi within him.

After a long moment passed, he stretched out both hands.

“Return!” As the single word echoed out, the 123 Immortal dragons outside the Door of Immortality roared, and then shot directly toward Meng Hao. Rumbling could be heard as they merged into him, causing his energy to surge.

Finally, the Door of Immortality began to fade away. The Immortal light faded until it was gone, and the Immortal qi dried up. Meng Hao's true Immortal Tribulation...

Had been thoroughly transcended!!

He was now an Immortal!

His long hair flew about, and he emanated the aura of an Immortal. His entire person had moved beyond the mortal form, and he was now completely different. Before, he had been handsome, but now he exuded an otherworldly air, as if his mere presence was enough to attract the attention of all onlookers.

In the same moment that the Door of Immortality faded away completely, it was suddenly possible to see a projected image around him!

Countless celestial soldiers wearing golden armor appeared. They stretched out in all directions, too many to count, and they gazed at Meng Hao briefly before dropping to their knees to kowtow.

At the same time, the numerous Immortal Palaces appeared anew, filling the area. An enormous pedestal appeared beneath Meng Hao's feet, which lifted him up to overlook everyone.

Immortal light appeared again, spreading out boundlessly, and swirling clouds filled the area.

Innumerable golden dragons swirled about up above, letting out subservient roars. From a distance, it was possible to see the celestial soldiers kowtowing, the golden dragons capitulating, and then, countless blurry figures emerging from the Immortal palaces, who then clasped hands and bowed deeply to Meng Hao.

The sky went dim, and the starry sky trembled. All of the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea who were watching Meng Hao went completely silent when they saw what was happening.

This was... a sign!

When Fan Dong’er became Immortal, dragons and phoenixes danced. When Fang Wei reached Immortality, 10,000 soldiers bowed. In fact, signs had appeared when all of the other Chosen had reached Immortal Ascension.

Now, a sign appeared for Meng Hao as well.

However, compared to those of the others, this sign was far more majestic and shocking!

In fact, many people assumed that this sign was the end when, all of a sudden, something else appeared in Meng Hao's vicinity... nine mountains!

These were nine mountains that caused Heaven and Earth to tremble, mountains that were like Imperial Lords!

Between each mountain was a sea, which meant that there were also nine seas!

Nine Mountains! Nine Seas! A sun, a moon, and heavenly bodies all orbiting around them!

Everyone who could see this was shaken mentally. To people who lived in the realm of the Nine Mountains and Seas, there was nothing more stunning than this image, nor would anything be able to match its splendor.

“Nine Mountains and Nine Seas.... I can’t believe he caused a sign like that to appear! So corroborating your own Dao is actually this powerful!!”

“Could it be... that this represents the approval of the Nine Mountains and Seas themselves? Above Paragons are Imperial Lords! Does he have the aura of an Imperial Lord on him?!”

“From today on, the Ninth Mountain and Sea... has a new blazing sun that will surely cause all of the Mountains and Seas to tremble!!” Everyone was in an uproar as they looked at Meng Hao; they simply couldn't remain calm. From the moment he had begun to transcend his tribulation, he was completely different than anyone else, and that wouldn’t stop. Even though he had already finished transcending tribulation, and the Door of Immortality had vanished, he was still shocking everyone.

Meng Hao glanced around at the signs around him, and then looked emotionally in the direction of Planet South Heaven.

“Dad, mom,” he murmured. “I've risen to prominence in the Fang Clan!

“Master, can you see me from where you are in the Kunlun Society?

“Foster father, can your spirit in Heaven see me, sir?

“Qing’er... can you see me?” This was a moment in which he should be extremely happy and excited. However... in reality, there was no one standing next to him with whom to share his smile.

His father and mother were on Planet South Heaven. His master was in the Kunlun Society. His foster father... had long since returned to the dust. His wife Xu Qing... was now in some unknown place undergoing reincarnation.

Meng Hao sighed, then looked up and did his best to put his emotions in order. Once again, his eyes began to shine with a bright light.

“My Immortal meridians are opened. Next... it's time to form my Immortal souls!

“Everyone has three spiritual souls and seven physical souls. Therefore, 100 opened meridians can form 10 souls!

“Based on my understanding, after 100 meridians, each additional meridian should be able to produce another soul!

“Immortal souls... form!” he said calmly. In the moment that the words left his mouth, his Immortal meridians emitted intense rumbling sounds.

Shockingly, a huge Dharma Idol appeared behind him. As of now, it was most accurate to say that the Dharma Idol... was the soul of a true Immortal!

36,900 meters! [1. 36,900 meters is 12,300 zhang. Or if you read it directly in Chinese, it’s ONE (ten thousand) TWO (thousand) THREE (hundred) ZHANG!]

Rumbling could be heard as a 2nd soul formed, then a 3rd, and a 4th....

10 true Immortal souls all appeared, each one of which exuded shocking power that emanated out in all directions. Then an 11th, a 12th, a 13th... all appeared.

Each soul which appeared caused anyone who looked at it to shake and tremble. Ripples emanated out into the starry sky, and Meng Hao's energy rose up higher and higher.


21 souls. 22 souls. 23 souls!

Soon, 29 souls had appeared, and then 30!

An entire collection of Immortal souls appeared behind Meng Hao. In addition to the original 10, more Immortal souls appeared due to his various aggregations of destiny and divine abilities.

31 souls. 32 souls.... In the end, there were 33 souls!!

These 33 true Immortal souls caused 33 types of incredible pressure to spread out. It was as if... 33 Heavens had appeared!

How many Heavens exist? The 33 Heavens are ultimate!

In the legends of the Nine Mountains and Seas, above the Nine Mountains were 33 Heavens. If someone could break through those 33 Heavens, they could leave the Nine Mountains and Seas.

That was referred to... as the path of the Mountain and Sea Tribulation!

Meng Hao’s cultivation base roared, but he did not turn to look back behind him. He could sense the power of the 33 true Immortal souls behind him, and yet wasn’t sure exactly how powerful he was.

However, he was sure... that if he went back to the ancestral land now and faced those Ancient Realm experts with one extinguished Soul Lamp, then he wouldn't even need the assistance of the terracotta soldier... to slaughter them!

Heaven and Earth rumbled as Meng Hao hovered there in the starry sky. Beneath his feet was a pedestal, and he was surrounded by innumerable kowtowing celestial soldiers. Nine Mountains and Nine Seas could be seen, including a sun and a moon. Further off, figures emerged from the Immortal Palaces to clasp hands and bow.

Behind him were 33 true Immortal souls, which transformed into 33 Heavens!

Anyone who could see what was happening was thoroughly shocked.

“33 Heavens.... No wonder he opened 123 meridians!”

“That is the limit of the Immortal Realm in the Nine Mountains and Seas. That is the true great circle!” The Dao Realm Patriarchs of the various sects and clans all understood this point. They looked at Meng Hao, and what they saw was a blazing sun of the Ninth Mountain and Sea, someone who would soon move on to even more glory.

At the same time, the true Immortal Chosen of the various sects and clans all looked on silently. From their expressions, it was possible to tell that they wished to fight Meng Hao more than anything. All of the Chosen, regardless of whether they had ever had dealings with Meng Hao, were filled with an intense desire to do battle.

“I have to fight! If I don’t, I’ll be eternally plagued by this inner Devil!”

“The only way to walk my own path is to dare to battle him, and defeat him! Then I can struggle for glory in this era!”

“He has the secret magic that allowed him to become an Immortal who corroborated the Dao on his own. However, we have our own secret magics, legacies passed down in our sects, which enable us to dramatically multiply the power of our own Immortal meridians. Therefore, fighting him... is not an impossibility!”

Taiyang Zi was obsessed. Song Luodan had both fists clenched. Wang Mu’s expression flickered with killing intent. Zhao Yifan had drawn his sword. Fan Dong’er’s eyes glittered brightly.

Li Ling’er, Sun Hai, and even Wang Tengfei, as well as others who Meng Hao had never even seen before, all of the Chosen who had broken through to true Immortality...

All had the intense desire to fight!

Naturally, Fang Wei was no exception. He hovered in midair, looking up at Meng Hao in the starry sky, and in his eyes gleamed with all of the desire to fight that he could muster.

“I'm Fang Wei, and in this era, Fang Hao, you can’t be allowed to be the only one who shines with glory!” Fang Wei took a deep breath and then calmed himself. Personally witnessing Meng Hao transcending his tribulation was a life-changing experience, almost like a baptism.

Chapter 984: 33 Heavens!

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