Chapter 978: An Immortal Flying Through the Sky!

Chapter 978: An Immortal Flying Through the Sky!

“He still hasn't reached his true limit yet...?”

“116 meridians. Does that make him Chosen? I’ve been stuck in the Immortal Realm for years now. I may just be a false Immortal, but I opened 70 meridians. He... has nearly 50 more than me....”

“As he continues to grow, the Ninth Mountain and Sea most likely won’t be his limit. He’ll probably advance even further!” As everyone watched Meng Hao, various thoughts ran through their heads, some frustrated, some emotional, some grudging, some jealous.

Fang Wei’s eyes were closed, and he refused to watch. As for the Chosen of the various other sects and clans, most of them were acting similarly. Only Li Ling’er continued to observe.

Meng Hao hovered in the starry sky, quietly probing his meridians.

116 Immortal meridians!

100 of them represented the limits of his own body. 8 were Immortal qi meridians arising from the bronze Soul Lamp.

2 had been gifted by outer forces, materializing power buried within him.

Another 2 had been formed from his own divine abilities and cultivation base, becoming meridians of Immortal magic!

The final 4 were different. They were meridians formed because of the Demon Sealers, and were not true Immortal meridians, but rather... Demon Sealer meridians!


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