Chapter 975: Blood Demon and Resurrection Lily! (Teaser)


All cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea who were watching looked completely astonished and tongue-tied as they observed the 108 Immortal dragons soaring through the starry sky outside the Door of Immortality above Planet East Victory.

“100 meridians is a legend, but 108? This... this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone getting more than 100 meridians!”

“No one in the past has ever done this, and most likely, nobody in the future will either!” The Ninth Mountain and Sea was in a tumult, and that shock actually spread out throughout the Mountains and Seas.

All of the members of the Fang Clan watched with gaping mouths. They knew that Meng Hao was the type of person to defy the Heavens, but when they saw him open 100 meridians, they had assumed he was finished. They could never have imagined that Meng Hao would actually... open up 108 meridians all in one shot!

“Impossible!” Fang Wei went pale. He could reluctantly accept the idea of Meng Hao using the One Thought Stellar Transformation Incantation to open 100 meridians, and use that as an excuse for why he didn’t measure up to Meng Hao. But now... 108 meridians had appeared, causing Fang Wei to completely lose self-control.

Fang Xiushan was trembling as he stood there in...

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