Chapter 972: Barrage on the Door of Immortality

Chapter 972: Barrage on the Door of Immortality

“The will of an Immortal Realm Paragon....”

“This Fang Hao is shifting the paradigm; in the Immortal Realm, now that he’s ahead of everyone, he’ll be ahead of them every step of the way!”

“From now on, he's going to be completely famous in the Ninth Mountain and Sea!”

Everyone looked at Meng Hao up in the sky, and their hearts were filled with the same thought: “This era belongs to him!”

Everyone in the Ninth Mountain and Sea watched Meng Hao take six steps that destroyed a total of 60,000 Immortal Palaces. The sight was incredibly moving.

As of this moment, the shattered Immortal Palaces served as a foil to Meng Hao. The Paragon Bridge was the background of the image, and the picture it all painted was now firmly etched in the minds of all onlookers.

The Chosen of the Ninth Mountain and Sea stared silently. Even Wang Tengfei was left speechless. They could only watch as Meng Hao walked forward, destroying the Immortal Palaces in the process.

Fang Wei’s face was pale white. Meng Hao’s Immortal Tribulation was shocking, and his method of transcending the tribulation was astonishing. However, Fang Wei refused to back down.

“Let’s just wait and see how many Immortal meridians he gets after he opens of the Door of Immortality!” Fang Wei's eyes were completely crimson.

Everyone watched as Meng Hao calmly took a seventh step. Cracking sounds emanated out from his body, and blood spattered onto his clothing. His face was pale white, and his Eternal stratum worked like mad to restore him, although by now it was unable to keep up with the backlash he was receiving. His legs were shaking, but the 10,000 Immortal Palaces underneath his feet also shook, then crumbled into pieces like the ones before them had.

Meng Hao’s eyes were bloodshot. By now, he wasn't even paying attention to the Immortal Palaces. Now that he was standing atop the Paragon Bridge, he suddenly began to experience a vision of the past. He saw all of the people who had tread the bridge in bygone years.

This bridge was a bridge that allowed people to reach the highest of heights. The bridge had been shattered, but the Paragon’s aura still was there, a manifestation of its former glory. Anyone who could reach the end of it would feel a sense of unmatched supremacy like that of a Paragon of Heaven and Earth.

Meng Hao wiped the blood from his mouth as his hair whipped around him. He watched as countless vague images of people from former times appeared and walked past him.

“I can do it too!” he murmured, stepping forward an eighth time.

The instant he took the eighth step, the Paragon Bridge rumbled, and another 10,000 Immortal Palaces were shattered. By now, there were only 20,000 left!

The ninth step!

Heaven and Earth rumbled, and all the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea that were looking on felt their minds racing. They recalled everything that had happened in the Three Great Daoist Societies’ trial by fire. They thought back to how they had felt as they watched Fang Mu.

Right now, that same feeling returned as they looked at that very same person!

As they stared at Meng Hao, they felt like they were suffocating as they waited to see if he would reach the end of the Paragon Bridge, destroy all of the Immortal Palaces, and stand in front of the Door of Immortality.

Amidst the rumbling, Meng Hao's eyes glowed with the desire to do battle. Another 10,000 Immortal Palaces were destroyed as he... took his final step.

The tenth step!

As he took that final step, the remaining 10,000 Immortal Palaces beneath the Paragon Bridge shattered into fragments. They were destroyed, exploded into bits that were swept out into the wind, accompanied by what sound like a roar of rage.

Apparently, they refused to accept that they were being dispersed, and were unwilling to approve of Meng Hao becoming a true Immortal in this way!

However... it didn't matter if they approved or not. They had no choice but to accept it!

All of the Immortal Palaces were completely destroyed and eradicated. Then, the Paragon Bridge slowly faded away from beneath Meng Hao’s feet. In the blink of an eye, it was gone. He trembled as the full force of the backlash caused blood to spray from his mouth. He staggered in place, almost as if he were on the verge of falling down out of the sky. However, he forced himself to hang on, and his body trembled so badly it looked like it might collapse.

The Paragon Bridge was a trump card for Meng Hao, but considering the level of his cultivation base, it was all he could do to do take the ten steps he had. After passing over the Immortal Palaces, the full force of the backlash seriously injured him. Were his willpower even slightly weaker, he would not have been able to reach the end.

However, everything was worth it!

Meng Hao’s eyes shone with a brilliant light as he stood there in front of the majestic Door of Immortality!

Intense roaring sounds filled the air, echoing out in the Fang Clan, in Planet East Victory, and in all of the Ninth Mountain and Sea!

The members of the Fang Clan were in an uproar, and the other cultivators on Planet East Victory were equally shaken.

“He destroyed the Immortal Palaces with ten steps! Fang Hao did it!”

“He scattered the Immortal Tribulation Clouds and destroyed the Immortal Palaces! Transcending tribulation in this manner is completely unheard of! He definitely deserves his reputation as Fang Mu!”

“He’s forcing his way through the tribulation! How domineering! Perhaps that’s the nature of his Dao!”

Gradually, people were starting to get a vague understanding of Meng Hao’s Dao!

It was completely domineering, as if nothing and no one could stand in his way! Or perhaps, it would be better to say that since he truly believed that he would eventually surpass everyone else, the one person he perpetually wanted to supercede was himself!

He ignored all others and only tried to outdo himself.

Neither his personality nor what he said mattered; these were spurious. His true will... was one of complete domineering!

Freedom! Independence! Those two things were domineering as well!

The members of the direct bloodline were extremely excited. The rest of the Fang Clan was abuzz. Planet East Victory was in an uproar.

All of the other sects and clans were astonished to a profound degree by the way Meng Hao was transcending his tribulation.

“He's in front of the Door of Immortality now! Now the only thing left to do is open it!”

“Push open the Door of Immortality, bathe in the Immortal light, and open Immortal meridians!”

“I wonder... how many meridians he will open!?!?”

All of the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea, including the Chosen and the Patriarchs, were wondering the same thing.... How many Immortal meridians would Meng Hao open up!?

“He’s already built himself up to the level of a stage 10 Immortal. He’ll probably open up 99 meridians!”

“I wonder if it’s possible... that he’ll actually open... 100 Immortal meridians!?”

The uproar continued throughout the various regions in the Ninth Mountain and Sea as everyone discussed the matter of how many meridians Meng Hao would open. By this point, everyone was wondering about it.

“How many can he open...?” thought Fan Dong’er as she gazed into the crystal.

Li Ling’er stood there quietly, but in her heart, she had already answered the question. Meng Hao would definitely open... 100 meridians!

Zhao Yifan, Taiyang Zi, Song Luodan, Sun Hai and the other Chosen were all panting.

By now, even Fatty, Chen Fan, and other people familiar with Meng Hao were now watching the scene play out in their respective sects.

On Planet South Heaven, Shui Dongliu looked up, and a smile broke out on his face.

“His era has arrived... the era of true Immortality.”

Fang Xiufeng and Meng Li stood in the Tower of Tang, looking at a huge mirror. Within, they could see Planet East Victory and Meng Hao.

Also on Planet South Heaven, on Mount Blood Demon, the previously death-like aura of Blood Demon suddenly flickered with a final trace of life force.

“At long last....” the ancient voice echoed out. “In the moment before my death, the moment I have been waiting for arrives. The time has come for me to give you my last gift of good fortune.”

Where the temple hall once existed in the Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite Temple, there was now only a crater. As of this moment, an old man suddenly appeared there, gazing up into the starry sky. Next to him was a withered Resurrection Lily, within which flickered a bit of life force.

“Immortal meridians...” the old man murmured. “You owe him some Karma, you know. Ah, forget it, I’ll just pay him back for you.” He looked down at the withered Resurrection Lily on the ground next to him.

In the Church of the Emperor Immortal, Sun Hai stood there. A young woman was at his side, staring out into the void. All of the disciples of the Church of the Emperor Immortal were all watching a huge screen, and Meng Hao's image upon it.

“Come on, little brother, you have to open 100 meridians!” the young woman murmured to herself. She was none other than Fang Yu. Suddenly, she felt a creepy stare, which caused her to turn viciously and kick Sun Hai in the shin, causing a sharp twinge of pain. However, a doting look appeared on his face, and he turned to look at her.

“Babe, you can kick me a few more times if you want. The harder the better….”

His expression, and his wording, caused goosebumps to cover Fang Yu.

Everyone was now completely focused on Meng Hao....

He looked up at the enormous Door of Immortality. Compared to it, he was like a speck of dust.

“The Door of Immortality....” he murmured. His eyes brimmed with the desire to fight, and even as his injuries healed, he stepped forward, clenched his hand, and then punched out toward the Door of Immortality.

“Open up!” he roared, his voice echoing like thunder. A huge boom could be heard as his fist made contact with the Door of Immortality. The sound echoed out, shaking the lands. Suddenly, a crack appeared as... the door began to open!

As soon as that crack appeared, boundless Immortal light spilled out, lighting up the Heavens and shining out into the starry sky.

The resplendent Immortal light poured out from the Door of Immortality, becoming a beam that pierced out into the darkness, illuminating everything.

Although it was only a crack, the Immortal light was filled with strong Immortal qi that shot toward Meng Hao and poured into him.

His eyes shone with brilliant light. All of the cultivators watched closely, and there was no question in any of their minds as to whether or not he would succeed. They knew he could open it.

What they were concerned with was how many Immortal meridians he would end up with after the door was opened!

Meng Hao’s expression was one of determination as the Immortal qi poured into him. His eight current Immortal meridians transformed into eight dragons that swirled around him madly, absorbing Immortal qi and making him stronger.

However, a tiny crack was not good enough for Meng Hao.

His 30,000-meter Dharma Idol appeared behind him. Radiating golden light, it stepped forward. At the same time, Meng Hao transformed into a huge golden roc, which joined the Dharma Idol in bashing against the Door of Immortality.

“OPEN UP!” he roared again. As he slammed into the door again, it opened... a little bit more!

More Immortal light poured out, along with strong Immortal qi!

As of this moment, countless spectators gasped as they watched Meng Hao attacking the Door of Immortality.

An incredible power radiated out from the Door of Immortality, and as the Immortal qi poured into Meng Hao, blood sprayed from his mouth. However, his eyes shone with even brighter light than before.

He lifted his right hand, causing numerous mountains to appear. They formed together as they smashed into the Door of Immortality. At the same time, a Blood Demon head appeared, which butted against the door.

And of course there was his 30,000-meter Dharma Idol, which battered the door with its huge hands. Heaven and Earth shook, and booms rang out in all directions. The Door of Immortality slowly opened wider, causing more light and Immortal qi to surge out.

As of this point, the door had opened enough... that a person could slip through!

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