Chapter 946: A Certain Object, a Certain Person

Chapter 946: A Certain Object, a Certain Person

What was it waiting for?

This was a question that no one in the Fang Clan had been able to answer for generations.

Meng Hao looked at the statue, weeping, fully aware… that the statue had been waiting for him.

It had waited here alone for him for tens of thousands of years….

The reason it had flown here to the Fang Clan was because of the soul blood that had emerged from Meng Hao’s forehead to connect him to the statue. Because of that, it didn’t matter how much time separated them, or who ended up taking possession of the soldier. Meng Hao… was always its original master. [1. Meng Hao was bound to the statues by blood from his forehead in chapter 572. Later, he went looking for them unsuccessfully in chapter 598]

Years ago, before Meng Hao had even been born, the statue flew through space, guided by his blood, all the way to the Fang Clan. It had found a place where it sensed a familiar bloodline, and then chosen to wait there in silence.

This was the simple answer to the question asked by so many members of the Fang Clan.

This was only one of the two statues that had been created for Meng Hao by Ke Yunhai.

As for the other statue, perhaps it had fallen in battle at some...

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