Chapter 940: The End of the Sky

Chapter 940: The End of the Sky

A true Immortal fleshly body meant that he was a true Saint!

This in turn meant that Meng Hao’s body was now powerful to a terrifying level. He had been baptized in Immortal light, which had then coalesced inside of him, creating…. an Immortal body!

Meng Hao clenched his fists. He could tell that if he ran into a so-called peak Immortal Realm cultivator, one punch would easily be able to rock such a person.

He could sense his might; it felt as if he had completely changed on a fundamental level. The terrifyingly powerful light and heat from before now seemed vastly weaker.

“This is the power of a true Immortal fleshly body….” He looked up higher into the sky, and his pupils glimmered with fire.

“Now it’s time to find out… how high the Heavens really are!”

Rumbling could be heard as he climbed relentlessly up into the sky.

Even at this height of 387,000 meters, the light and heat were no longer something that Meng Hao felt incapable of enduring. He rose up from Planet East Victory in a piercing beam of light.

Meng Hao was now...

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