Chapter 935: My Nirvana Fruits!


The violet sunlight contained shocking heat. It was like a violet sea of flames that submerged Meng Hao inside of it, burning him inside and out. He was engulfed in flames.

The impurities within him were being thoroughly scorched away, causing his fleshly body to draw ever closer to that of a true Immortal.

Fang Wei was also absorbing the light and heat. One by one, Fan Dong’er and some of the others arrived at the 90,000-meter level. All of them crossed their legs and began to meditate, absorbing the violet sunlight to strengthen their fleshly bodies.

Most of the other cultivators were down below, beneath the 30,000-meter mark. There were only a handful who were hovering at around 60,000 meters. The division between the various groups was very clear.

In the Fang Clan’s ancestral mansion, the Elders were watching the unfolding events closely. As they did, the conversed among themselves.

“The Heavens at 90,000 meters are violet. At 180,000 meters, they become deep violet that borders on black. At 270,000 meters, they’re pitch black!”

“Each of these 3 strata of height will provide shocking results...

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