Chapter 934: Neck and Neck

Chapter 934: Neck and Neck

The instant Fang Wei stepped into the 30,000-meter position, the Fang Clan members started getting excited.

“30,000 meters! Prince Wei is the first person to reach 30,000 meters this time!”

“It was inevitable. A hundred years ago, Prince Wei was already close to the Immortal Realm, and in the end, he reached over 69,000 meters!”

“After a hundred years of cultivation, Prince Wei is definitely going to exceed 150,000 meters!”

Discussions raged. When he was born, Fang Wei had not been the center of attention in the Fang Clan. That spot had originally been occupied by Meng Hao.

However, in the hundreds of years after Meng Hao’s parents took him away from Planet East Victory, Fang Wei slowly became the focus, and eventually, the leader of his generation of the clan.

With a status and position like that, as well as the fact that his father and grandfather were leading his bloodline into prominence, Fang Wei had become the most famous person of his generation.

After reaching the 30,000-meter mark, Fang Wei took a deep breath. Cracking sounds could be heard from his body as the boundless sunlight washed over him. When he looked down, he saw everyone beneath him,...

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