Chapter 932: The Sun Rises!

Chapter 932: The Sun Rises!

It was now the moment before daybreak. Everything was pitch black, and all eyes were fixed on the east!

It wasn’t just the group inside the East Ascension Pavilion who were staring eastward. All of the Fang Clan members on the shores of Brightmoon Lake, throughout the rest of the ancestral mansion, and even on all of Planet East Victory, were now waiting.

However, back in the East Ascension Pavilion, Meng Hao heard the name ‘Fang Yu,’ and his expression instantly changed. His eyes went wide, and he turned to look at Sun Hai.

Sun Hai looked a bit embarrassed. Whenever he said Fang Yu’s name, he felt happy, and an expression of longing would appear on his face.

“Did you just say that the girl you like is named Fang Yu?” asked Meng Hao. He was starting to pant, and he suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Sun Hai replied, nodding his head. “Her name is Fang Yu. She’s a member of the Fang Clan, but also a disciple of the Church of the Emperor Immortal.” The happiness he felt grew stronger, and as of yet, he hadn’t noticed the change in Meng Hao’s facial expression.

“Elder Brother Meng, it’s all up to you now,” he continued. “However many more spirit stones you need, as long as I can get my hands on them, I’ll give them to you. Elder Brother Meng, please, please put...

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