Chapter 923: Meng Hao Concocts Pills!

Chapter 923: Meng Hao Concocts Pills!

Many of the apprentice alchemists in the outer mountains were listening to various alchemists giving lectures about plants and vegetation. When the drum echoed out, all of the apprentice alchemists lifted their heads up in shock. When they realized that the sound of the drum came from the Pill Pavilion, their faces flickered.

“That’s the sound of the drum from the Pill Pavilion! Someone’s trying to concoct one of the three legendary medical pills from the Dao of Alchemy Division!!”

“The simplest of them all requires a fee of 1,000,000 merit points! Unless you successfully concoct the pill, those merit points are wasted!”

“Who is it, I wonder?”

The apprentice alchemists in the outer mountains weren’t the only ones to have such a reaction. The alchemists in the inner mountains also heard the sound of the drum, and their faces filled with shock. There were some who even subconsciously sneered.

“Nobody has tried to concoct one of those pills for years. I wonder which alchemist is going to try.”

“1,000,000 merit points is such a waste. It’s a real pity. Although, things like this only happen every so often, so I definitely need to go watch.”

Many alchemists flew up from the inner mountains. There were even many alchemists who...

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