Chapter 922: The Sound of a Drum in the Pill Pavilion!

Chapter 922: The Sound of a Drum in the Pill Pavilion!

“Spirit stones… spirit stones!” Meng Hao’s face glowed and he took a deep breath.

“Fang Qun told me that the Dao of Alchemy Division has three types of medicinal pills that no one has ever been able to concoct. The clan will give a huge reward to anybody who does. Since I don’t have any spirit stones, I might as well go see if I can concoct one of them and get that reward!” This was the simplest method he could think of, and he was just about to go try it out when Fang Xi’s excited voice could be heard outside his residence.

“Coz, are you there?!”

Before Meng Hao could even respond, Fang Xi pushed the front door open and rushed in, looking very excited, even entranced. As he ran over, Meng Hao noticed that sky outside looked somewhat different than usual.

Meng Hao’s eyes narrowed in concentration.

It was currently midday, but the sky outside almost appeared to be aflame. The entire sky was crimson red, yet no sun was visible.

It was just barely possible to see that the natural law of a great Dao hung up in the sky.

“Coz, I just saw Goddess Fan Dong’er from the Nine Seas God World!!

“And Li Ling’er from the Li Clan! And also some new disciple from the Church of the Blood Orchid!” Fang Xi seemed very excited. When he mentioned Fan Dong’er’s...

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