Chapter 921: Objectives

Chapter 921: Objectives

Meng Hao took a deep breath as he sat there cross-legged in his residence. Although he was physically in the Fang Clan right now, he didn’t have much of a sense of belonging.

“This isn’t my home,” he murmured softly. “My dad and mom aren’t here. Since they’re on Planet South Heaven, Planet South Heaven is my home.”

At the moment, he was completely exhausted. After spending half a year in the Medicine Pavilion, and then experiencing the encounter moments ago, he was worn out mentally and in pain physically.

Then he thought again about all of the merit points he had basically lost while he was in the Medicine Pavilion. It was like a knife stabbing through his heart.

“Oh, the pain….” he thought, clenching his jaw. “Thankfully, I didn’t go all the way through. Next time I’m definitely going to arrange things ahead of time. No merit points, no watching me!” Having made this decision, he let out a long sigh and then closed his eyes and rotated his cultivation base to begin his recuperation.

Ten days later, he opened his eyes, and they shone with an energetic gleam. He took a deep breath. During the past half year, he had expended a lot of mental energy. Now that he was fully recovered, his eyes glittered. He produced the tome that had been given to him from his bag of hol...

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