Chapter 909: Cheating!


In the Fang Clan’s Dao of Alchemy Division, there was currently only one tier 9 alchemist, the man known as Pill Elder… Fang Danyun.

Meng Hao looked at the ten names on the ninth level of the stone stele, and suddenly thought of his master Pill Demon.

“From my current perspective, it’s now obvious that Pill Demon’s skill in the Dao of alchemy vastly exceeded any standards for Planet South Heaven. Were it not for the fact that he lacked certain medicinal plant ingredients, he would surely have been able to concoct some medicinal pills that were famous in all the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

“Now, he’s a member of the Kunlun Society, with even more resources at his disposal and able to focus completely on the Dao of alchemy.” When Meng Hao thought of his master, he couldn’t help… but also think of a certain woman. It was Chu Yuyan, who had left with Pill Demon to go to the Kunlun Society.

“Waiting to meet out in the big wide world… is a beautiful type of regret.” Meng Hao shook his head. To him, emotions were not everything. In this life, it was enough for him to have only Xu Qing.

Even more important was to accomplish something incredible, all on his own.

“I’m going to become the richest person in all the Ninth Mountain and Sea!” he thought, his eyes filling with determination as...

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