Chapter 885: Revisiting Old Haunts

Chapter 885: Revisiting Old Haunts

Meng Hao spent an entire wonderful year with his family. The laughter and happiness they shared would exist forever in his heart.

Some days after that year ended, Fang Yu left. She did not return to the Fang Clan on Planet East Victory. Fang Xiufeng made different arrangements. An Elder from the Church of the Emperor Immortal came to Planet South Heaven to personally take Fang Yu away.

Fang Xiufeng had decided long ago that Fang Yu should join the Church of the Emperor Immortal. Her latent talent conformed with the their cultivation requirements. Furthermore, in the past, Fang Xiufeng and the current Pontifex of the Church of the Emperor Immortal had experienced harrowing adventures together.

With the Pontifex watching out for Fang Yu, and the threat of Fang Xiufeng himself, it was assured that no one would cause problems for her, despite the fact that Fang Xiufeng couldn’t leave South Heaven.

Fang Xiufeng was very protective of his daughter, but when it came to his son, his line of thinking was different.

Before leaving, Fang Yu hugged Meng Hao tightly, and then gave him a long look. The affection in her eyes caused Meng Hao’s heart to fill with a deep reluctance to part ways with...

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