Chapter 883: Snatching Food From the Tiger’s Mouth!

Chapter 883: Snatching Food From the Tiger’s Mouth!

“13th in the Echelon?” said Meng Hao, gaping at the woman. He had no idea what she was talking about.

The woman didn’t respond at first. She simply looked at Meng Hao, her expression one of seeming reminiscence, as if she were thinking of something she had once experienced. After a long moment, her cold voice echoed out once again.

“In the great Nine Mountains and Seas, there are only room for nine. There are a thousand years until the plan can be carried out. The nine people who break into the Ancient Realm first, can set off on the journey.

“There are already seven people ahead of you who have succeeded.

“The Ninth Mountain and Sea has already fallen behind by quite a bit.” With that, she extended her right hand and pointed at Meng Hao. He was incapable of resisting as a sealing mark flew out and settled onto his forehead.

The sealing mark glittered with dim light, flashing thirteen times before it faded away.

The sealing mark caused Meng Hao to tremble, and suddenly, he felt as if an additional stream of qi had appeared inside of him. The qi circulated throughout his entire body, then concealed itself, fading away.

“This sealing mark can protect...

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