Chapter 879: Peak Battle!

Chapter 879: Peak Battle!

Zhao Yifan suddenly looked up at Meng Hao, and his eyes overflowed with the desire to fight. Before his trip to Planet South Heaven, there had only been two people of his same generation who filled him with such a desire to fight.

After Planet South Heaven, there was another, Meng Hao. And now… yet another, Fang Mu.

Monstrous fighting desire raged inside of him. Behind him, his 3,000-meter Dharma Idol held the Cloud Sealing Sword, and was radiating shocking sword qi. As Zhao Yifan raised his head, he also lifted up his hand. Simultaneously, his Dharma Idol raised the Cloud Sealing Sword.

“First Sword, Felling the Mortal!” cried Zhao Yifan, and the sword descended!

The sword did not transform into an Azure Dragon, but rather, a green beam of light that instantly caused the entire golden arena to quake. A huge rift was ripped open in the air, and a massive rumbling sound echoed out. Wild colors flashed, and the heavenly bodies shook. Radiating a monstrous will, it shot toward Meng Hao, seemingly incapable of being blocked.

Almost as soon as the first sword descended, Zhao Yifan’s energy surged upward, and in the midst of the already intense power, more explosive power appeared. Zhao Yifan swept forward...

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