Chapter 867: One Punch!

Chapter 867: One Punch! [1. Since I’m sure there will be some comments, I’ll explain about the “one punch” thing. The two characters which make up this chapter name (一拳) literally mean “one fist.” However, often this character of “fist” is used to describe the action of punching. A cursory search reveals that there seem to be two common Chinese translations of “One-Punch Man.” One translation ( 一击男) comes across as “one strike man,” the other (一拳超人) “one punch super man” or “one fist super man,” uses the same two characters as the title of this chapter. One-Punch Man apparently rose to popularity in Japan starting around 2012, but the officially licensed Chinese translations didn’t come out until late 2015, whereas this chapter was originally published in early 2015. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is an intentional reference to Saitama. Although isn’t it interesting that a bald character suddenly showed up in the last chapter…]

Other than those four, there were six Chosen who Meng Hao hadn’t seen on Planet South Heaven when all the outside Chosen came. Four were men and two were women. One of the women wore a white mask and a long red robe. When she attacked, a Blood Orchid bloomed around her, indicating that she came from the Church of the Blood Orchid.

The other woman wore garments of five colors, and was not very pretty. She attacked with shocking five elements magic, and even though Meng Hao...

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