Chapter 866: I Am a God!

Chapter 866: I Am a God!

The crowds in the Ninth Mountain and Sea were watching on the vortex screens, and could see everything that Ling Yunzi and the others encountered.

That included the decomposing, half-headed man, as well as all the other things lurking in the mists.

Many gasps could be heard from the cultivators in the Ninth Mountain and Sea. For most of them, this was their first time ever seeing the Ruins of Immortality. In previous trials by fire, outsiders were not permitted to see these things, but this time was different. Not only were the prizes astonishing, but for the first time, everyone was able to catch a glimpse of the Ruins of Immortality.

Although it was only a tiny portion, it was still enough to capture the attention of innumerable cultivators.

When they saw the gigantic corpse, cries of shock echoed out in all directions. Then the ancient Dao Tree appeared, and even greater shouts of astonishment could be heard.

“It’s actually… growing on the top of the giant’s corpse!”

“That’s the ancient Dao Tree? What exactly is it? Why is it called a Dao Tree?!”

“That corpse… Heavens! I never imagined that things that huge existed! How is this possible?! If that thing wasn’t dead… who could possibly fight it? It’s… actually a real co...

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