Chapter 848: Senior, Bring Another!

Chapter 848: Senior, Bring Another!

On the Ancient Road of the Nascent Soul, glittering light rose up. Fatty stared blankly at the stone stele in front of him; the beam of light that rose up was only 90 meters tall, although there were still quite a few others that weren’t as tall as his.

“Fudge!” he thought, his eyes blazing with fury. “Why the hell isn’t my latent talent the best? That doesn’t make sense! All those years ago the Golden Frost Sect told me that my latent talent was unequalled in the whole world!” He was especially depressed when he looked over and saw that Wang Youcai’s column of light was 150 meters tall.

Then he looked over at Chen Fan, and Fatty’s eyes went wide with disbelief. Chen Fan’s beam of light… was actually among the 300-meter columns!

Li Shiqi’s wasn’t quite 300 meters tall, but was still tall enough at 250 meters.

On the Ancient Road of Dao Seeking, as the competitors placed their hands on the stone steles, radiant light shot up, filling the area with scintillating brightness. Only Meng Hao’s stone stele was completely without any light whatsoever. He smiled wryly.

It was impossible for the stone stele to emit any light whatsoever, because the gentle power that was the source of the light never...

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