Chapter 847: Talent. Cultivation. Age.

Chapter 847: Talent. Cultivation. Age.

Crowds in locations all over the Ninth Mountain and Sea were watching the events on the vortex screens. However, regardless of location, the eyes of every spectator suddenly went wide with disbelief.

On the Ancient Road of Dao Seeking, Fang Mu’s name had previously had no number next to it. In the blink of an eye, there was suddenly a number: 1,006!

The number appeared so quickly, so suddenly, that people didn’t even have a chance to register it mentally before both the number, and Fang Mu’s name, disappeared.

The light that covered the altar upon which Meng Hao stood slowly faded away, to reveal Meng Hao, sitting there cross-legged.

He was the first person…

To pass the stage!!

“That’s… that’s impossible!!”

“What just happened? I remember that just now, Fang Mu didn’t have any numbers next to his name at all. That means he hadn’t even killed a single enemy. Then I blinked my eyes, and he passed the stage?”

“A bunch of numbers appeared just now, and then they vanished, and Fang Mu passed the stage. Is it possible… is it possible that he used only one move to kill all of the enemies!?!?”

“Heavens! He got first place in the second stage too! Hardly any time has passed,...

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