Chapter 831: The Grownups Arrive. (Teaser)

Chapter 831: The Grownups Arrive….

All of the cultivators of the Eastern Lands could see the enormous rift up in the sky, including Meng Hao, who was currently in hot pursuit of Fang Xiangshan. Suddenly, his heart began to thump, and he actually began to feel a bit guilty.

However, his eyes quickly grew calm and unperturbed, and he continued his pursuit.

Fang Xiangshan was up ahead. The old Dao Protector continued to grasp her by the arm as he unleashed the fastest speed he was capable of. He even used secret magical arts and blood evasion techniques. Because this was already near the border region of the mountain range, before long they were able to charge out from within the mountains. They transformed into prismatic beams and shot toward the Fang Clan’s fortress in the Great Tang of the Eastern Lands.

At the same time, the two old women were anxiously pursuing Meng Hao, their hearts filled with venomous hatred.

“Once we find your clan uncle, all of this will be resolved,” the old man said, “and that Meng Hao will be dead for sure!” Fang Xiangshan bit her lower lip and nodded. She was inwardly alarmed, but was also certain that, based on her status in the Fang Clan, the clan uncle would definitely resolve the crisis. Furthermore, he would most certainly make Meng Hao pay the price for what...

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