Chapter 826: !

Chapter 826: ! [1. Yes, the title of this chapter is a mere exclamation point. Either it was intentional, or maybe Er Gen accidentally hit the delete key at the wrong point. He doesn’t tend to go back to fix mistakes… Join the contest to come up with good title by leaving your idea in the comments.]

This day was the 49th day Meng Hao had kept the bronze lamp alight!

This day was the last day!

It was currently nighttime, and the moon wasn’t visible. The entire mountain range was swathed in pitch black, without the slightest bit of light anywhere.

The only light in the entire land… was in Meng Hao’s Immortal cave… from that flickering flame.

The bronze lamp burned with Meng Hao’s blood, creating an Immortal flame that had flickered to the very end.

Meng Hao was staring at the bronze lamp, waiting. He had experienced much carnage to reach this point, and now… the moment was here.

“Keep the lamp burning for 49 days,” he murmured, “and then, in the moment that it’s extinguished, it will form an Immortal meridian inside me!

“Gain enlightenment about that Immortal meridian, and my path… will be the path of ancient times!” By this point, the Chosen and Dao Protectors of...

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