Chapter 822: From Now On, Call Me Li'l Hai!


Off to the side, Sun Hai’s eyes were wide with astonishment as he watched Meng Hao tuck Li Ling’er into his bag of holding. The attacks he had seen just now left his scalp tingling.

“This guy’s just one of those aboriginal local cultivators, how… how could he be so powerful!?!?”

Meanwhile, a roar of rage drifted out from some distance off. The voice belonged to Fan Dong’er, who was followed by a large group of people.

Meng Hao’s body flickered as he once again put Sun Hai into his bag of holding. His second true self turned into his shadow as he then sped off into the distance.

The burning lamp floating above his head let off a weak light as Meng Hao proceeded forward. He wiped the blood off of his mouth and then produced some medicinal pills to consume. His eyes shone with a brilliant gleam as a beam of sword qi flew down from a nearby mountain peak, where a single silhouette could be seen.

It was Zhao Yifan, who was separated from Meng Hao by a mountainous valley. The airspace in this area was restricted, so he was incapable of flying directly over. However, his sword qi could slice through the air, and its incredible energy caused huge ripples to spread out in all directions as it descended on Meng Hao. Everyone to whom it was visible found it completely shoc...

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