Chapter 810: Two Restrictions!

Chapter 810: Two Restrictions!

Just as the group from the Fang Clan was about to enter Planet South Heaven, a cool voice echoed out from down below.

“Now that the Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite Temple has been unsealed, there are two rules here on Planet South Heaven. One. Only cultivators in the Spirit Realm may enter Planet South Heaven. Two. The door to South Heaven will only open once. All who wish to enter must wait to do so together with everyone else.”

As the voice echoed into the Fang Clan members’ ears, their facial expressions flickered.

“That was clan uncle Fang Xiufeng!”

“Clan uncle, can you please bend the rules a bit? The Patriarch commanded us to come here for good fortune. Clan uncle, please assist us in acquiring it!”

“Immortals can’t enter? That’s a good rule for others, but we’re all from the same clan! We demand to be allowed to enter!”

The calm voice once again rang out from the lands of South Heaven. “I am the Prison Warden of the Ninth Mountain, and I guard Planet South Heaven. Anyone who breaks one of these two rules… will be struck down.”

Killing intent bubbled up, causing the Fang clan members’ minds to spin. Many were actually enraged. One of the Immortal Realm clan members frowned, and then, relying on the protection his status earned him in the clan, flew directly toward South Heaven.

However, before he could even get close, a beam of sword qi shot up and sliced through him like a sharp knife cutting a...

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