Chapter 803: Going to the Ji Clan to Collect Debts

Chapter 803: Going to the Ji Clan to Collect Debts

The Ji Clan didn’t just have one ancestral mansion, but many. The one located within the fortress was just one of those.

It was enormous and sprawling, taking up roughly thirty percent of the entire fortress. On the outside it looked relatively ordinary, but once you stepped foot inside, you would catch sight of indescribably beautiful carved balustrades and marble steps.

An ancient, aged will emanated out in all directions, making every block of wood and stone seem sentient. It was something completely extraordinary that even the Eastern Lands’ Fang Clan couldn’t equal.

Meng Hao navigated his way through the fortress using the map, and eventually found the Ji Clan’s main gate. He walked up the gate and cleared his throat. As he looked around, he didn’t see anyone around standing guard.

He knocked, and, seeing that there was no reaction from within, flew up into the air and prepared to simply fly into the mansion. However, a massive pressure bore down on him as soon as he rose up into the air. Clearly, the airspace here was restricted.

Meng Hao suddenly heard someone chuckling behind him.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t waste your time! People like you come here every day hoping to pay respects to the Ji Clan.”

There were two cultivators there who had caught...

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