Chapter 1001:The Ji Clan’s Last Secret Weapon! (Teaser)


The various sects and clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea were in an uproar. The Dao Realm Patriarchs had bright gleams in their eyes, and their expressions were extremely serious as they looked over at Planet East Victory, and the middle-aged man emerging from the Medicine Immortal Sect.

“Fang Yanxu!”

“It’s Fang Yanxu! He forsook the Fang Clan and started his own school of thought! He established the Medicine Immortal Sect....” [1. Fang Yanxu’s name in Chinese is 方言墟 fāng yán xū. Yan means “speech” or “words.” Xu means “ruins”]

“So, he’s actually reached the Dao Realm. I remember that back in the day he was an Ancient Realm cultivator....”

“So, this is the Fang Clan, huh? Their hidden resources are so profound! The Medicine Immortal Sect is something that everyone knew about, and yet their allegiance went as unnoticed as a shadow in the lamplight!!”

Up in the starry sky, a slight smile could be seen on Fang Shoudao's face, and there was a profound gleam of meaning in his eyes. Ji Xiufang, who was still locked in combat with him, suddenly felt her eyes go wide.

“Fang Yanxu.... So HE's your trump card! I can't believe you were able to hold off on allowing a Dao Realm expert like that to make an appearance.... More than half of the members of your clan have died, and you even waited...

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