Chapter 1000: The Fang Clan’s Second Dao Realm Expert!


In the same moment that everyone was flabbergasted by the appearance of the terracotta soldier, it lifted its head and looked at Meng Hao. Apparently sensing Meng Hao’s divine will, it hefted its greatsword and began to slaughter its way into the Fang Clan ancestral mansion.

As of this moment, the traitorous clan members were completely shaken mentally, and could feel fear rising up within them. The terrifying aura of a Quasi-Dao Paragon could easily slaughter any and all Ancient Realm experts.

Without a way to fight back against the terracotta soldier, the rebellion would be almost instantly crushed.

A powerful expert could, based on strength alone, crush any and all plots and schemes!

Rumbling filled the air as the terracotta soldier went on the attack. The loyal members of the Fang Clan were extremely excited, and the traitors had no choice but to fall back against the onslaught, their scalps numb. As of this moment, the battle had reached a complete turning point.

The various sects and clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea were also astonished, and many of them had already come to the conclusion that the terracotta soldier must the Fang Clan’s trump card.

In the moment that the terracotta soldier began slaughtering its way through the ancestral mansion, suddenly,...

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