Chapter 800: Seventh Year Tribulation! (Teaser)

Chapter 800: Seventh Year Tribulation!

“Young Lord, you need to study now….”

“Young Lord, stop bullying your cousin Prince Wei! Look, he’s crying because you hit him!” [1. The name of Prince Wei might make some readers recall something said by the Ji Clan Patriarch in chapter 795….]

“Aiya! Young Lord, don’t bully Princess Ling’er. She’s… she’s your future beloved! The Patriarch already issued the official order!”

Meng Hao gaped at everything that was happening. He watched the five-year-old version of himself pummeling another boy his age. Apparently the boy had told on him, which earned Meng Hao beating from his sister. This was his revenge. In the end, the boy was in tears and begging for mercy. In another scene, he saw himself setting fire to the hair of a young girl who was about the same age as him. That left him feeling quite shocked. In fact, he couldn’t help but think… this kid couldn’t really be him, could he?

He saw many unfamiliar faces, and he also witnessed the carefree life he had lived until he was seven years of age. The life he had lived was one of simple happiness.

He wasn’t studious at all, which made Meng Hao recall how poorly he had fared in the Imperial examinations.

However, on his seventh birthday, everything changed!

The day his seventh birthday arrived, something completely unforeseen happened to him. It was a misfortune, an extremely shocking matter that caused a huge...

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