Chapter 767: The Northern Reaches Invades!

Chapter 767: The Northern Reaches Invades!

“Northern Reaches!” thought Meng Hao, his pupils constricting.

Currently, the other peak Dao Seeking experts were unable to see what Meng Hao was seeing. Except for… Pill Demon. His eyes began to shine with golden light, and his face fell.

The cheers were still echoing out through the air as all the cultivators down below awaited Pill Demon’s words of officiation, and the final moments of the wedding ceremony.

However, Meng Hao and Pill Demon’s hearts froze up and, as of this moment, were sinking to the lowest depths!

From the expression on Meng Hao’s face, Xu Qing could immediately sense that something was wrong. “What’s wrong…?” she asked, nervously gripping his hand.

“The Northern Reaches… are invading us,” he said quietly, clasping her hand tightly.

Although none of the cultivators below could hear what he said, the nearby peak Dao Seeking Patriarchs’ faces suddenly fell.

“That’s….” Pill Demon’s eyes went wide as he looked at the enormous, shocking bridge that stretched out over the Milky Way Sea, as well as the enormous cauldron which drew nearer and nearer.

Pill Demon’s face flickered. Worried that panic would ensue, he kept his voice low as he said, “Meng...

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