Chapter 748: Blood Demon’s True Self!


An ancient voice echoed out from Mount Blood Demon.

“It’s time to end this war.”

Apart from the Blood Demon Sect disciples, everyone on the battlefield was immediately rooted in place.

Even the false Immortal puppet controlled by the black-robed Patriarch, which had been bearing down on Meng Hao, was stopped in midair.

The red-haired old man from the Golden Frost Sect, the 3rd Li Clan Patriarch, even the Dawn Immortal’s clone, all were frozen in place. They could not move, but they could still think, and their minds… were filled with astonishment!

“The fact that you were able to push me this far shows that I truly did underestimate you Southern Domain cultivators,” said the ancient voice. It sounded incredibly tired, yet at the same time, filled with a mighty and wild pride.

“Dawn Immortal, earlier you asked me why I was so confident. Well now I’m going to show you… exactly why I am so confident.

“You all believe that what sits in the Immortal’s cave in Mount Blood Demon is actually my true self?” Even as the voice boomed out, Patriarch Blood Demon slowly rose from his cross-legged position in the Blood Pond. He stepped forward and then… walked out of the Immortal’s cave on Mount...

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