Chapter 744: Arise, Second True Self!


When the red-haired old man from the Golden Frost Sect saw the blood drop fly out, he loftily said, “Patriarch Blood Demon, you’re fighting all of us at the same time, and still want to split your attention? It seems you really don’t have any regard for us at all.”

At the same time, he performed an incantation, which caused numerous puppets to magically appear around him. Each of the puppets was thirty meters tall, and seemed both real and illusory at the same time. As soon as they appeared, they transformed into beams of colorful light that shot toward Patriarch Blood Demon.

“Patriarch Blood Demon, your destruction is imminent,” said the 3rd Li Clan Patriarch. “You can’t escape our net! Once Mount Blood Demon falls, your true self will face the light of the Heavens and be destroyed in body and spirit!” He snorted coldly and then waved his hand, causing the Feng Shui compass to emit blinding light as well as countless magical symbols. The magical symbols formed together into layer upon layer of spell formations as they shot forward.

Patriarch Blood Demon said nothing, and not even a trace of alarm could be seen on his face. His expression was actually indifferent. No matter what happened, he was confident that he could reverse any setback.

“Senior Blood Demon,” said...

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