Chapter 723: True Immortal Soul


The lands of the region of the Ancient Dao Lakes sank down once again into a concave shape, almost as if it were inhaling.

The sight of it instantly caused the hundreds of thousands of cultivators on the outside to gape with wide eyes and reeling minds.

“A second… a second eruption!”

“When the 30-meter Dao Lakes erupt a second time, there’s a good chance that treasured items will appear. It’s the same with the 300-meter lakes. For the 3,000 meter lakes… there’s no need to even mention that. But this is actually… a second eruption of the 30,000 meter lake!”

“It’s going to spit out a precious treasure! It will definitely be a precious treasure!”

“It will definitely exceed everything from before! A… precious treasure!” If the cultivators on the outside were aware of such things, then one can only imagine the understanding of the people above the lake itself.

Even Lu Bai’s mind trembled. Abandoning any thoughts of fighting Meng Hao, he looked down at the Dao Lake, his heart quivering.

The teenager from the Solitary Sword Sect stared down at the Dao Lake with glittering eyes, and began to breathe heavily. “Don’t tell me… that sword wasn’t the good fortune. Is this… the real good fortune?!”

A strange gleam appeared in the eyes of the Golden Frost Sect puppet. The Golden Frost...

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