Chapter 721: You Must Know Liu Zichuan


The hundreds of thousands of cultivators outside of the Ancient Dao Lakes region were bearing witness to a rare and shocking spectacle!

“That longsword… is two meters long, the nine shortswords are each one meter long. Look at the brilliant glow, and the lightning! It almost looks like Tribulation Lightning! Is it possible… is it possible that sword is the legendary Deadwinter Tribulation Sword?!?!”

“Why does that war drum looks almost the same as the Primordial True Spirit Drum that I read about in the ancient records…? And that puppet next to it…. I get the chills just looking at it!”

“What is that tree?! It looks so bizarre, and has three fruits on it!!”

“Check out that beast claw! It looks incredible! Could it be a Dao Seeking treasure?!”

“That’s… that’s a black dragon!? It’s a real-life dragon!! It looks relatively small, but its body is definitely a treasure!!”

The few dozen Spirit Severing cultivators immediately convened above the 30,000-meter main lake as one object after another appeared amidst the eruption of the lakewater.


There were simply too many magical items! Fierce fighting broke out in the blink of an eye.

“Screw off!”

“Hey, I wanted that!”

“This is mine! Anyone who dares to fight me over it will die!!”


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