Chapter 708: Sever the Devilish, Seek the Dao!

Chapter 708: Sever the Devilish, Seek the Dao!

In their opinions, there was no way that Meng Hao would be willing to make enemies of the entire Blood Demon Sect. The price had already been paid for the test, so they would naturally speak up to preserve their dignity.

Therefore, they made up their minds to worry later about how to deal with Meng Hao. In their reckoning, the next that would happen was that Patriarch Blood Demon would appear and smooth things over.

On the fifth mountain peak, the pretty young woman raised her hand to her chest. Everything that had occurred so far had left a deep impression upon her. As for the hunchbacked old man, he took a deep breath, cleared his throat, and then coolly said, “Patriarch Blood Demon will appear now, and the matter will be concluded. Ah, this Blood Prince…. Too young. Too impulsive. I’ve lived for too long and….”

However, before he could finish speaking….

Meng Hao completely ignored the mangled corpses at his feet and turned his head to look at the second mountain peak. The icy ruthlessness in his eyes grew even stronger.

“How about I give you your compensation right now!” he said. To the disbelief of all onlookers, he began to move straight toward the second mountain peak!

The Blood Demon Sect instantly went as quiet as a graveyard.

On the second mountain peak, Patriarch Darkheaven’s face fell.

“Lunatic!” he thought. “This damned bastard is a lunatic!”

Face flickering, he backed up. “I… I was just babbling,” he thought. “But he’s actually… dammit!”

The three Demonfire Patriarchs on the fourth mountain peak were also shocked. Gritting their teeth, they flew in succession toward the second mountain peak.

Meng Hao moved with incredible speed, so it only took a moment for him to close in. He raised his right hand, and the Black White Pearls appeared, circulating around the Ninth Mountain. As they hovered above the second mountain peak, the sky shook and the land quaked.

The disciples of the Blood Demon Sect were flabbergasted to the extreme. Gasps could be heard as they looked up at their matchlessly domineering Blood Prince!

“‘There’s no need to come down here to try to crush me, I’ll head up there to crush all of you!’

“‘How about I give you your compensation right now!’

“That’s what the Blood Prince said! Domineering to the max! He’s definitely the Blood Prince of our Blood Demon Sect!”

The bloodline disciples of various other Patriarchs in the sect were now all panting as they realized that their Blood Prince was completely domineering. Their eyes were filled with fanaticism as they stared at Meng Hao.

To have a Blood Prince like this was something incredibly impressive.

In contrast, Patriarch Darkheaven of the second mountain, as well as his seven apprentices, were all pale-faced and trembling. Previously, they had sneered at Meng Hao and looked down with scorn at his youth. By now, they had come to their senses, and could do nothing but stare at him in astonishment.

As for the young man with the fan on the fourth mountain peak, his face was pale white with shock. He suddenly realized that the Blood Prince… might look harmless, but was in fact completely overbearing when provoked.

He did not give second chances, and when he decided to establish his might, he did so completely and thoroughly.

Meng Hao sped toward the second mountain peak, and when he stepped foot onto it, the entire mountain rocked back and forth. Meng Hao raised his hand toward the retreating Patriarch Darkheaven and extended his finger.

“You want compensation? Here’s my compensation. Compensation to the second mountain peak, delivered by me for Wang Youcai.” The reason Meng Hao chose to make a move against the second mountain peak really was Wang Youcai.

Meng Hao had noticed how they treated him earlier, and was not pleased. As he extended his finger, wind blasted out that seemed to split the Heavens. The Black White Pearls and the Ninth Mountain transformed into a blur that shot toward the boy in the scholar’s garments, who was none other than Patriarch Darkheaven.

Patriarch Darkheaven’s face fell, and he immediately performed an incantation. A bloody glow erupted around him, transforming into a blood-colored blade that slashed toward the blast of wind from Meng Hao’s finger.

The slashing blade was filled with the energy of the great circle of the First Severing, an explosive power that appeared to be almost on the verge of Second Severing.

Meng Hao snorted and waved his finger again.

“How dare you!!” howled one of the three Demonfire Patriarchs, an old man who emanated the aura of Second Severing. “Meng Hao, you’ve gone too far! You think you’re tough because you’re in the Second Severing? So what if you are!?”

Meng Hao didn’t even turn to look at them. He simply waved his sleeve.

An enormous boom echoed out as the finger attack slammed into the blood-colored blade. The blade immediately fell to pieces, and blood sprayed out of the mouth of Patriarch Darkheaven. Even as he tumbled back like a kite with its string cut, Meng Hao’s second finger attack slammed into him.

Another boom rattled out, and Patriarch Darkheaven let out a bloodcurdling scream as over half of his body directly exploded. His Nascent Divinity flew out, which was the exact moment in which the three Demonfire Patriarchs from the fourth mountain peak arrived.

“Well,” said Meng Hao calmly, “since you’re here, I guess I might as well provide some compensation to you as well.” He stepped toward them.

The three were shocked. However, the Second Severing Patriarch, who was the eldest of the three Demonfire Patriarchs, waved his hand, causing a sea of blood to appear.

“Why do you keep attacking us?! What are you, a spy from another sect? Did you trick Patriarch Blood Demon!?”

“My license to kill will cover seventy-eight more deaths this year,” replied Meng Hao calmly.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the entire Blood Demon Sect uttered a collective gasp, even the three Demonfire Patriarchs, whose eyes went wide. As for the Nascent Divinity of Patriarch Darkheaven, his face was a picture of shock.

The surrounding disciples immediately broke into an uproar in response to Meng Hao’s shocking words.

“License to kill?!?!”

“The Blood Prince has… don’t tell me he has a license to kill!?”

“Heavens, does the license to kill cover all cultivation bases?”

“He has so much power! The lives of all disciples are in his hands!”

On the fifth mountain peak, the hunchbacked old man stood there blankly. Next to him, the pretty young woman’s eyes were wide and she was panting.

“Master, what’s this license to kill all about?”

Without even thinking about it, the old man started to talk. “Ahem, there’s no need to worry. I’ve lived for too long, and this is just a test, it won’t….”

He was only about half way through his speech when he noticed his apprentice staring at him with a strange look in her eye. He cleared his throat again.

“Master, you said the same thing in the very beginning, except that Chang Yi got killed. You repeated yourself, and afterward the first mountain peak was crushed…. You said the same thing, after which, the second mountain peak and the fourth mountain peak took action.

“Now, you’re saying the same thing yet again….” The young woman trailed off and didn’t continue speaking.

In the same moment that her voice trailed off, Meng Hao waved his arm, causing the Ninth Mountain to appear and shoot toward the three Demonfire Patriarchs.

As it bore down on them, the three Demonfire Patriarchs’ expressions were extremely serious. They immediately unleashed divine abilities. As for the Second Severing cultivator, he spit out a fireball that set the sea of blood aflame. Bloody fire roared up around him, rapidly transforming into the shape of a gigantic deer’s head.

The deer’s head was formed completely of fire, and it had two enormous antlers. It shot toward the incoming Ninth Mountain. As it flew through the air, the other two Demonfire Patriarchs combined their power to cause the body of a deer to form around them, which then connected to the deer head.

The massive, fully formed deer then hurdled toward the Black White Pearls and the Ninth Mountain, emanating incredible ripples of Second Spirit Severing power that were only a hair away from the power of Third Severing!

Meng Hao’s eyes glinted with coldness. Without hesitation, he waved his right hand, causing the power of his cultivation base to explode out. Fissures appeared in the air all around him, the wind surged and the clouds seethed. Rumbling sounds echoed about in all directions as the Black White Pearls and the Ninth Mountain suddenly expanded, doubling in size and might.

The increase caused an incredible pressure to radiate out. Inside the deer, the three Demonfire Patriarchs’ faces filled with disbelief.


The Ninth Mountain slammed into the giant deer, sending a huge explosion blasting out in all directions. The deer was torn into pieces, and the three old men inside coughed up blood as they were sent spinning backward through the air. Their cultivation bases were in chaos, their faces pale, and their hearts surged with waves of shock.

“This is impossible!”

“He’s so strong!! He wasn’t even fazed by the combined power of all three of us!”

They weren’t the only incredulous ones. All of the disciples in the Blood Demon Sect had similar reactions. Even Li Shiqi, who knew a bit about Meng Hao’s cultivation base, was shocked.

She never expected Meng Hao to be powerful to such a terrifying level. After all, she only knew a bit about what had happened in the Black Sieve Sect.

Nobody knew the true level of Meng Hao’s strength. Were it not for Patriarch Six-Daos, the Black Sieve Sect would have been completely annihilated.

The hunchbacked old man on the fifth mountain peak had an incredibly serious look on his face, and his eyes shone with a strange light.

“I’m old,” he muttered. “Really and truly old. I finally ran into one of those legendary inhumans, and yet didn’t recognize it…. He’s clearly a Dao Severing inhuman!

“There is a rare type of cultivator whose lives are filled with such twists and turns that they either perish, or shock the Heavens! When they mature, they can slay the Dao Seeking stage, even when in the Spirit Severing stage!

“People like that, are called… Dao Severing!

“His ruthlessness has already turned into a Devilish will…. However, the Devilish and the Dao are linked. Both contain a will of persistence. Both are ultimate achievements!

“The path of Dao Severing is a difficult one. Sever the Dao, become a Devil!

“Of course, Devil Severing is another path, an even more difficult one. Sever the Devil, achieve the Dao!! Patriarch, is that why you made him the Blood Prince of the Blood Demon Sect?

“Dao Severing requires a Dao heart. Devil Severing requires a Devilish will!

“I suddenly have a very strong desire… to be there the day he performs Devil Severing!

“Sever the Devilish. Seek the Dao!” Even as the old man muttered to himself on the Fifth Mountain, his eyes grew bright, and he turned to look at Mount Blood Demon.

In Mount Blood Demon, Patriarch Blood Demon sat cross-legged in the Blood Pond. His eyes gleamed with abstruseness, within which infinite ancientness seemed to flow.

“Sever the Devilish,” he murmured. “Seek the Dao!

“Meng Hao, you can’t blame me. I planted the devilish seed within you, but the reason is that the path of the League of Demon Sealers is incorrect…. I will use my remaining years to help you mould your Devilish will, and then wait for you… to Sever the Devil….

“That is Dao Seeking!

“Sever the Devilish. Seek the Dao, then Sever the Immortal. What’s so difficult about that?!”

“When that time comes, you will have sown great Karma with the Demonic. When the day arrives in which you reach the true pinnacle… don’t forget your Demonic destiny.

“Wait for me, my sister, my friends. We will be meeting again soon…. Soon, I will be able to accompany you once more….” The aura of death which surrounded him continued to grow stronger.

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