Chapter 699: Sieve Yin Sect

Chapter 699: Sieve Yin Sect

“That’s Meng Hao!!”

“Violet Furnace Lord Meng Hao of the Violet Fate Sect! He even came to the Black Sieve Sect once to give a lecture about the Dao of alchemy!!”

It had been silent before, but suddenly, the sound of gasping filled the air as everyone suddenly thought the same thing.

“Two hundred years ago he was in Core Formation…. But now, he can slaughter Spirit Severing Patriarchs!!”

Meng Hao completely ignored the astonished buzz of conversation. He stared straight at the Third Severing Patriarch and slowly walked forward.

As he neared, an enormous, energy rose up from Meng Hao’s body, which transformed into an incredible pressure that covered over everything. The hubbub instantly died down, and even the wind ceased to blow. The only thing left behind was the indescribable pressure.

At the moment, it was evening, and the sky was just starting to turn dark.

“The Sieve Yin Sect! Her soul is in the Sieve Yin Sect!!”

When the Third Severing Patriarch felt the pressure, and saw Meng Hao’s gaze fixed upon him, his heart grew numb, and a sense of despair filled him. He was certain that if he didn’t tell Meng Hao what he wanted to know, he would die this day. It was...

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