Chapter 684: On Board

Chapter 684: On Board

The old man didn’t say anything in response. It almost seemed like he didn’t even know who Meng Hao was; he was simply roaming about, and happened to encounter him. Spurred by some distant memories, he had randomly reached out to save him.

“Heaven and Earth… have their end….

“But what about me? Where is my end?” The old man’s murmuring voice was hoarse, and incomparably ancient. He finally sighed and closed his eyes, seemingly slipping into a state of lifelessness. Meng Hao could clearly see the old man sitting there with his back to him, but he couldn’t sense his existence at all. In fact, he couldn’t even sense the existence of the ship.

“Senior?” he said, gaping. Finally, he realized that the old man was immersed in his own world. Meng Hao crossed his legs reticently and then looked off into the distance and began to think.

“My Dao foundation… is gone.” He felt empty inside, and could not sense a cultivation base. It was as if it had vanished like mist or smoke. An intense weakness filled him, and he felt so incredibly old that it seemed that death was just around the corner.

He now had absolutely no cultivation base whatsoever.

Filled with bitterness, Meng Hao tried to begin to practice cultivation,...

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