Chapter 679: Battle!

Chapter 679: Battle!

“How can he be so strong!?!?

“A great Dao descended, making it a great Dao Spirit Severing, different from mine. But, it still doesn’t make sense for him to be so terrifying!

“He hasn’t even used any magical techniques or items! He’s only relying on his fleshly body!!

“Dammit! Just what level is his fleshly body at? Magical items are completely ineffective, nor could it be shaken by divine abilities! What type of fleshly body is it!?” Saint Flying Immortal’s fear had reached the pinnacle. In his entire life of practicing of cultivation, he had never encountered a Cultivator of the same stage who caused him to be so terrified.

“Damn you, 10th Wang Clan Patriarch, you conned me!! If I’d known this Meng Hao was so inhuman, you couldn’t have said anything to convince me to join you….” He flew forward at top speed, fearful of being pursued. He even spit out some blood and burned more life force to go faster.

But it didn’t matter how fast he went, he couldn’t go faster than the war chariot.

Meng Hao was mounted on the war chariot, fueling it with a sliver of the Qi of Immortal Shows the Way. Thrumming, it caught up with Saint Flying Immortal in only a moment. Then it slammed violently toward him.

Saint Flying...

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