Chapter 674: The Wang Patriarch Cometh

Chapter 674: The Wang Patriarch Cometh

Saint Sun Soul watched enviously as Meng Hao put away the war chariot. After holding back for a long moment, he finally said, “That treasure of yours is pretty nice, want to sell it?”

“NO,” replied Meng Hao without hesitation.

“Fine, forget about it!” replied Saint Sun Soul with a cold harrumph. “Crappy thing. I wouldn’t take it if you gave it to me for free.”

“If you give me one for free, I’ll take it,” said Meng Hao, blinking.

“Screw off!” replied Saint Sun Soul angrily.

“Look, swindler, the Demon hearts are all in my bag of holding. Say ‘screw off’ one more time and see what happens!” A bright gleam appeared in his eyes, as if he looked forward to finally be on his own again.

Saint Sun Soul opened his mouth, but struggled to control himself and didn’t say anything in response.

A long moment passed, and when he finally did speak again, he changed the subject. “Alright, no screwing around. What was that thing back there?”

“A damnable, accursed Resurrection Lily,” replied Meng Hao frankly. “Assumably, it resides in the Second Ring.”

“Resurrection Lily!” Saint Sun Soul’s eyes narrowed and flickered.

Shortly thereafter, the two arrived back at Seahold, undetected. Back in the tower, they divided their...

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