Chapter 673: The Call of the Dawn Immortal


“Ten swords constitute a lotus,” thought Saint Sun Soul. “Ten lotuses constitute a formation!

“One hundred swords, and an enormous formation, all filled with the power of Time. When the power ripples out, nothing remains unwithered!

“Most intriguing of all is that every sword flower contains thousands of variations. When the ten lotuses turn into the massive formation, the variations increase exponentially. There must be tens of thousands of variations hidden within!

“Such a large formation requires a shocking level of Divine Sense to control. All of that, however… is merely secondary. Most importantly, the formation requires both a physical form and an internal spirit. His Lotus Sword Formation has both of those things!” Saint Sun Soul’s mind trembled. He already had a high opinion of Meng Hao, but now, he couldn’t stop his pupils from constricting as he realized that he actually had underestimated him.

“So, it turns out that he was actually only using a portion of his power in our initial fight. If he used this sword formation, then even I… would have a hard time extricating myself from it!

“Time Cultivators are inherently rare, but he is even more shocking than I expected. And then there’s that flagon of alcohol…....

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