Chapter 670: Crisis Approaches (Teaser)

Chapter 670: Crisis Approaches

Right in the middle of Seahold, Meng Hao unleashed his aura, causing the seven old men to scatter backward, blood spraying from their mouths. In that same moment, a jagged black cloud filled with crackling lightning flew through the air in the Fourth Ring, right outside of the Flying Immortal Sect.

Then, the cloud dissipated to reveal an old man wearing a long black robe. His features were ancient, and the feeling of time seemed to circulate around him. He hovered in mid-air, looking down at the surface of the sea with an abstruse light glimmering in his eyes.

If Meng Hao were here, he would recognize him immediately. This old man… was none other than the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch!

“No more delays,” he said coolly. “This time… I’ll definitely wrest away his Dao foundation. If this clone gets defeated, then I’ll simply lock down on the location and come here with my true self via greater teleportation. Even if the Immortality Bestowal Dais does notice, I will achieve my aim!” A sharp gleam appeared in his eyes, which contained both determination and a desire to slaughter.

“There are no traces of him whatsoever in the Fourth Ring. Before coming here, none of my auguries could produce any clue to his position....

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