Chapter 664: War Chariot!

Chapter 664: War Chariot!

“At the most, I can use it only ten more times.” Meng Hao examined the rust. It almost looked like rot, that, wherever it went, caused the bronze to turn into scrap metal.

“I almost feel like I’m not using it properly,” he murmured to himself. “If using it damages it, then… huh?” Suddenly, his heart trembled.

“Not using it properly?” His eyes glittered, and the trembling of his heart increased in intensity as he thought back to the scene revealed by Immortal Shows the Way, back in the Cloudburst Pavilion.

After a moment’s thought, Meng Hao once more slapped the war chariot. Instantly, the beasts surrounding the war chariot vanished, and chariot began to shrink down. Soon it was yet again the size of an infant’s hand, resting on his palm.

He floated there in mid-air, and after a moment of detailed inspection, he suddenly began to pick up on some clues.

“Its surface is inscribed with ancient magical symbols that don’t seem to be an actual part of the war chariot….

“And then there are the chain carvings. They don’t seem to merge perfectly with the original chariot, as if they were added later.” His eyes glittered...

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