Chapter 657: Saint Sun Soul of the Three Sects

Chapter 657: Saint Sun Soul of the Three Sects

“I remember Master told me that Reverend Silverlamp came to him seven hundred years before, asking for help in solving the problem of the Resurrection Lily. Master was able to help a bit, but couldn’t truly solve the problem. Then, Reverend Silverlamp returned a few hundred years later, having dispelled the poison of the Resurrection Lily!

“Could it be… that these transformations in the Sea Demons in the Milky Way Sea have something to do with Reverend Silverlamp?”

Meng Hao’s mind trembled, and his eyes flickered. However, he knew that he could not let himself feel anxious, but rather, needed to allow time for the clues to appear. Right now, the constant slaying of Sea Demons, coupled with the level of his Cultivation base, had left him feeling quite exhausted. Considering how many Sea Demons there were in the area, even if he kept killing them for days, he still wouldn’t be able to kill them all.

Also, he knew that since the drastic changes in the sea would cause widespread repercussions, it wouldn’t be too long before outsiders came to investigate.

“Well, first I’ll just have to kill you!” he said, turning toward the enormous giant. If...

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