Chapter 637: The Zhang Clan is Here?!

Chapter 637: The Zhang Clan is Here?!

Meng Hao was flabbergasted. And it wasn’t just him. The group from the Zhang Clan were also shocked. In fact, everyone who had come to Saint’s Island with the hope of joining the Footloose Clan were completely astonished.

The day for disciple recruitment was clearly ten days away, but then suddenly, the date was moved up. Many people began to feel nervous and alarmed, as if something incredible was about to happen.

An enormous event like disciple recruitment was no child’s game. As such, even if the date were moved up, it shouldn’t have been changed to earlier than the next day. There definitely should never have been a situation in which… it began that very day.

After all, it was already noontime….

Most importantly, there were many people who were still out at sea, hurrying on their way.

There were many speculations and inquiries, of course. Even the Footloose Sect disciples were complaining. They had no idea what major event was underway; all they could do was carry out matters according to the orders from the Sect.

Therefore, the Footloose Sect dispatched large numbers of disciples to begin to gather together all the prospective new disciples and bring them to the main...

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