Chapter 618: Mountain and Sea Mirror!

“They can’t escape from within the Land of the Three Saints,” said Han Danzi. “Although this is only a Divine Clone of the ancestor, if I can unseal it, it will still be beneficial for the Demon Immortal Sect. The spirits of the Demon Immortal Sect won’t offer help, but won’t resist either. Not even true spirit Night will wake up because of this. Sleeping Night is intelligent, but awakened Night has no mind. It will not awaken, because it does not wish to awaken!

“This is the body of true spirit Night, where its brain exists. They won’t be able to escape, nor flee the Demon Immortal Sect. When the ancestor’s Divine Clone is fully fused with me, they will become my Demon horde!

“As for you, Meng Hao… you will be beneath the sacred ancestor and myself to act as Dharma protector!”

“Oh yeah?” replied Meng Hao, looking coldly at Han Danzi. He performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, then pointed down at the land. At the same time, the Demonic Qi in the area began to swirl around Meng Hao.

Whistling sounds could be heard intermittently. Meng Hao suddenly began to perform an incantation gesture which seemed to cause everything in...

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